Superstition brings ISRO's MOM scientists luck and success Research

Monday, January 05 2015
Superstition brings ISRO's MOM scientists luck and success

ISRO's Mars Orbiter Mission scientists leaves nothing including superstition to make MOM success stone in Indian Space program history

Scientists behind ISRO's MOM success, believes along with their hard work some superstition also helped them to keep the mission on success path.

MOM mission director S Arunan and ISRO’s ex-chairman K Radhakrishnan keeps their finger crossed during MOM mission’s 6 times orbit raising manoeuvres and three trajectory corrections. Even mission director prefer to leave room and skips to see the result after giving command to mission in above operations as these command take place on the mission after a certain time lag.

Popular Superstitions in Space agencies NASA and Russia’s Federal Space Agency

USA’s space scientists and Russia’s space scientists also have their superstitions for success of their mission. NASA has very popular superstition of passing peanuts on rockets launching while Russian scientists put a coin on rail track taking their rocket to be launched in space.

Superstitions bring luck to their mission controllers with some type of moral boosting.