Narendra Modi fans fight for #modiIndiasPride vs #modiInsultIndia Social Media

Wednesday, May 20 2015
Narendra Modi fans fight for #modiIndiasPride vs #modiInsultIndia

#modiIndiasPride wining between #ModiIndiaProud vs #modiInsultIndia Narendra Modi fans testing their love for leader

After foreign trip to china of Prime Minister India mr. Narendra Modi a topic for his suitability for India that what is MODI, does he is pride or he is insulted India is very fierily raised on the social website   Tweeter as #modiInsultIndia and #modiIndiasPride.

After the trip of china of PM MODI and specially after the speech at Sanghai  in social media modi is now getting more attention and on tweeter tweets #modiInsultindia and #modiIndiasPride is now viraled  and about 8000 times tweeted on this topic. It all about mainly reaction about MODI’s line in Sanghai "earlier you felt ashamed of being born Indian," and said Now you feel proud to represent the country. Inidans abroad had all hoped for a change in government last year.

Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi is a recycler to his words for that he knows well those are true for India

But finally #modiIndiasPride is now more tweeted tha #modiInsultIndia

In India #modiIsultIndia is now faded tweet and now #modiIndiasPride is more trending. And after it all there is  a again repeating own words MODI  in Seoul after two days said again same line that also marked this topic again in trend.