WhatsApp Free Voice Calling in smartphone with whatapps update Internet

Wednesday, April 01 2015
WhatsApp Free Voice Calling in smartphone with whatapps update

WHatApps update gives free voice on internet calling facility in your smartphone, WhatApps get even better with updates

WhatsApp users can achieve unbelievable exertion with your Smartphone, now you can get free Whatsapp voice calling facility, just update your old WhatsApp with updated version, and take extraordinary features on WhatsApp.

While, a lot of added companies have been presents this voice calling facility, which is now available on WhatsApp. Free voice calling facility is available on WhatsApp, Users can download or updated their whatsApp with newest adaptation.

Call Quality & WiFi, 2G/3G facility on WhatsApp

Now call quality will available shortly on WhatsApp, according to information WhatsApp organization also stated that We tried making calls on Wifi, 3G and 2G connectivity, and we found that call quality is not yet comparable to ordinary voice calls.

This type of effort will confer facility to WhatsApp Users, the calls on WhatsApp are going to improve over a period of time, and it is definitely going to impact Operators Voice revenues.